U.S.- Mexico Border

its kind of sad

that’s shocking

how is it shocking? two different countries, two different looks.

extreme border

Most of the people may think that the city is the US and the one on the left is Mexico, but it’s the opposite, the one on the left  is the U.S and  the one on the right is Tijuana, Mexico. I don’t get why this is sad? people are just stereotyping.
drowning-in-my-own-debris asked: Your name is Sergio.. I love that name.

yeah, hehe really?? Thanks :)

sorry i haven’t use tumblr in a while x)

sixgrams asked: What do you like to sing?

I like singing rock, indie, but i guess i’m good at ballads.

insommniiaac asked: yeahh, and thats pretty cool (: Soo your about me says you love to sing , you any good ? ^_^

haha yeah, i love singing :P, well i don’t like to brag but yeah, hehe i’m kinda good.

insommniiaac asked: haha not fluently, but i'm learning c: & England, ahh i've been practicing my accent since i was little ^_^ What's your nationality ?

i’m mexican & since i live in sd, i live partly in Sd & Tijuana (mexico), u know where tj is at?

insommniiaac asked: yeah i like it , i see a celebrity every now and then c: & you should ! i think i want to move to Italy cause im Italian ^_^

really? that’s so sick!! yeah, i wanna live there already :P, oh well ur full of surprises,  so u speak italiano? i’d like to live in england, that’d be sooo cool!

insommniiaac asked: Just outside Hollywood , i used to go to San diego all the time c:

wow outside hollywood that’s so sick… 

i like hollywood plolly in the future imma move there. :P

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